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Engraving available for .75c/custom $2 per letter, call for more info.
Gift Wrapping available at no extra charge.
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About Us

Grand Sterling Co. has been the leading importer of fine sterling silver from all over the world since 1963.

Grand Sterling Co. is a wholesaler and retailer of sterling silver products such as Judaica, Holloware and flatware.

Grand Sterling Co. has two store locations in New York. Our Manhattan location is at 345 Grand St. New York. NY.10002. and in Brooklyn 4921 13th Ave Brooklyn NY 11219. where you are welcome to come and browse and marvel at our wonderful selection. Our expert sales staff will be glad to serve you.

What has set Grand Sterling Co. apart from other silver dealers is the exceptional selection and quality customer service. Grand Sterling Co. is a three generation family owned business were we all focus on customer satisfaction.

Grand Sterling Co. has expert silver smiths on premises for all repair and polishing of your sterling silver items. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to put all our merchandise on our website. However we will constantly be adding to the site.

Grand Sterling Co. has many exclusive items which are handmade by designer silversmiths from Italy and Israel which are on display at both showrooms, so when you are in New York please stop by or if you wish to speak to someone please call 212-674-6450.

01.Candelabra 80000
| call for price |
02.Candlestick 1015
03.Charity Box 6010
04.Havdolah Holder 60002
05.Candelabra 80007
| call for price |
06.Havdolah Holder 60004
07.Honey Dish 7005
08.Seder Plate 90000
09.Seder Plate 90006
10.Silver Cups 2007
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